Friday, July 29, 2016

Artist John Hall is Travelling Light with a spectacular retrospective

Here we see Canadian artist John Hall at work in his Mexico studio in 1989. I fell in love with his work, and then met the man, a few years later. For years, Hall shuttled back and forth between San Miguel de Allende and Calgary, six months each. These days, the artist is based in Kelowna, B.C., though his reach is international. You can read all about it in a dazzling new retrospective called John Hall: Travelling Light. The book includes insightful essays by Liz Wylie and Alexandra Haeseker. But what makes it great is the spectacular work. See for yourself.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Whirling away to the Northwest Passage, Halifax, and Port Dover

We're gearing up to go voyaging Into the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada, departing from Greenland on August 26. Above, we see the three musketeers who figure in Passage, the docudrama based on my book Fatal Passage. Two of them -- Inuit leader Tagak Curley and myself -- will sail aboard the Ocean Endeavour. The third, Orkney-based historian Tom Muir, won't make it this time . . . but he did just get back from rambling around Iceland, and we have our fingers crossed for AC's next voyage around Scotland. Meanwhile, Tagak and I will join an A-list gathering of staffers that includes Cam Gillies, culturalist David Pelly, photographer Dennis Minty, filmmaker John Houston, seabird biologist Mark Mallory, archaeologist Robert McGhee, and (are you ready for this?) Juno-winning musician Susan Aglukark.
Before that voyage happens, starting in fact on July 31, Our Hero will spend two weeks in Halifax, serving as a mentor in the MFA program in Creative Nonfiction at King's College -- the only such program of its kind in Canada. Our writer-in-residence this year is the peerless Charlotte Gray, whose biography of Alexander Graham Bell, Reluctant Genius, is in development as a TV mini-series.
A couple of weeks after he returns from the Arctic, on September 30, Ken will travel west from The Six (as the hip and the handsome now refer to T.O.) to entertain at the annual gala of the Norfolk Historical Society. He'll talk about Chasing Canada's History at the Port Dover Lighthouse Theatre. You know you want to be there!